March 24, 2023

Colorado Technical University

criminal justice degrees

criminal justice degrees

Criminal Justice Degrees from Colorado Technical University

Criminal Justice degrees from Colorado Technical University provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue legal careercriminal justice degreess in the field of law enforcement, probation, parole, security, and courts.

Students who pursue Criminal Justice degrees investigate court structure, management, and role of the judiciary.

They also explore laws, the constitution, crime and criminology, as well as social and economic justice.

Programs offered: (varies by campus)

  • Criminal Justice Degrees (Associate, Bachelor, Master)
  • Legal Secreatary/Paralegal
  • Corrections, Probations, Parole
  • Law Enforcement
  • Legal Office Assistant

Campus Locations:

  • Colorado Springs, CO  criminal justice degrees
  • Denver, CO               criminal justice degrees
  • Sioux Falls, SD          criminal justice degrees