May 31, 2023

Sanford Brown College

criminal justice jobs

criminal justice jobs

Training for Criminal Justice Jobs offered at 4 locations in Missouri

Criminal Justice Jobs

The objective of the Criminal Justice program is to prepare students for criminal justice jobscriminal justice jobs in a variety of local, state, and federal agencies.

Specifically, the criminal justice jobs for which this program would prepare students are:

  • corrections officers
  • probation officers
  • security officers
  • local, county, and state police officers
  • guards at prisons
  • campus police
  • investigators
  • detectives
  • child case workers
  • juvenile services officers
  • drug task officers
  • criminal justice social workers
  • customs inspectors
  • U.S. Marshalls
  • loss prevention managers

Associate – Paralegal Studies

The overall objective of the Paralegal Studies criminal justice jobsprogram is to prepare students for a career in the legal sector.

Paralegals do much of the work involved in closings, hearings, trials, and corporate meetings.

In the business sector, paralegal also help with employee contracts, while in the government sector, they analyze legal material, conduct research, collect evidence, write memoranda, and prepare informative material for an agency or the public.

Typical paralegal jobs include:

  • trust coordinators
  • title searchers
  • settlement clerks
  • litigation specialists
  • legal assistants

Paralegals can find employment in law offices, government agencies, and businesses.

Programs Offered: (varies by campus)

  • Associate – Criminal Justice
  • Bachelor – Criminal Justice
  • Associate – Paralegal Studies

Campus Locations: