June 1, 2023

Platt College

paralegals at Platt College

paralegals at Platt College

Paralegal Programs Offered at 3 Locations in California

Paralegals, also known as legal assistants, are individuals qualified to do law-related work such as research legal issues, interview clients, prepare pleadings, and draft legal documents.

Under the guidance of an attorney, paralegalsparalegals - Platt College can review and analyze documents, organize trial notebooks, and conduct day to day operation of a legal office.

Platt College provides the skills necessary to enter the legal profession through its Paralegal Studies Associate of Arts Degree. Start now and enter the legal profession in only 11 months.

Platt’s comprehensive curriculum covers:

  • Criminal Law Torts
  • Civil Procedures Property
  • Contracts Probate
  • Family Law

Programs Offered:

  • Paralegal Diploma
  • Paralegal Studies Associates of Arts

Campus Locations:

  • Newport Beach, CA
  • Ontario, CA
  • Los Angeles, CA

paralegals - Platt College