May 31, 2023

The Best Opportunities for Careers in Law

Are you considering a government job? Federal, state, and local governments provide a wealth of employment opportunities for lawyers.

In fact, the federal government is the single largest provider of careers in law. Because of the many areas of operation, a government job can provide an attorney with experience in civil, criminal, and administrative law in agencies across the country.

Considering a Career in the Business Sector?

careers in lawEither directly from law school or after a few years of practice, a number of law school graduates begin careers in corporate legal departments across the country.

In-house law careers are highly coveted because these attorneys are able to experience the thrill of practicing law without worrying about billable hours. Similarly, some graduates choose to use their law degree as a secondary tool to bolster their business careers.

Considering Private Practice?

Of the 1 million attorneys in the United States, over 75% have private law careers. Similarly, this is where most law school graduates begin their practice.

Private practice encompasses jobs in small, medium, large and solo law firms. Working for a law firm during the summer or after graduation is an excellent opportunity for students to enhance research and writing skills, learn practical lawyering skills, and be exposed to a wide variety of practice areas before starting their careers in law.

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