March 24, 2023

Legal Nurse Consulting for You?

certified legal nursing consultant jobsA legal nurse consultant (LNC) provides his or her clients with specialized knowledge of the healthcare system, nursing and even medicine. They require more training and are capable of providing a far wider range of services than the nurse paralegal.

How do I become a legal nurse consultant?

While most certified legal nursing consultant jobs don’t require formal training to practice, some nurses benefit from a structured introduction to the specialty, the following criteria should be considered in assessing credible, useful legal nurse consulting education:

  • Institution. Legal nurse consulting education is offered by universities, colleges, community colleges, for-profit businesses, and not-for-profit organizations. In assessing the value of these programs, the reputation and accreditation of the sponsoring institution should be considered.
  • Program. Legal nurse consulting education programs may be found in various colleges or departments including the School of Nursing, the College of Health Sciences, the Office of Continuing Education, and the Paralegal Institute, among others.
  • Program directors and instructors. Legal nurse consulting education should be developed and presented as specialty nursing curricula by nurse educators in partnership with legal educators. The qualifications of the program directors and instructors should be considered and, in general, programs developed and taught by experienced nurses and practicing LNCs are to be preferred.
  • Curriculum. Courses of study based on this curriculum vary in length from one day to two years. Nurses are encouraged to choose a course of study that meets personal needs and professional goals.

How much will I earn as a legal nurse consultant?

Most certified legal nursing consultant jobs pay on an hourly basis. LNCs who work in law firms, insurance companies, and other institutions are paid a salary.

Compensation, as in any profession, varies with scope of responsibility, level of experience, and geographic area, among other factors.

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Schools Offering Legal Nurse Consulting Programs