May 31, 2023

Crime Scene Technician Jobs On the Rise

There are many interesting and exciting jobs in the criminal justice Crime Scene Technician Jobsarena, but crime scene technician jobs are probably some of the most exciting. If you are looking at crime scene technician jobs, you can specialize in a number of different areas.

As an identification technician you will be responsible for the collection of detailed evidence from the crime scene, and the documentation of everything taken as evidence. It involves evidence collection, chemical processing and photography.

You will have to be able to use cameras in specialized situations, use measurement techniques, use specialized evidence packing procedures and search for and recover latent fingerprint evidence. A specialized area in identification technician work is that of fingerprint technician.

A forensic technicCrime Scene Technician Jobsian deals with much of the forensic science evidence in a crime scene. As a forensic technician you will have to be able to take accurate measurements, photographs and other records of the crime scene. You will be concerned with the evidence associated with the victims, and also evidence that can identify suspects, including fingerprints.

There are more than 6000 crime scene technician jobs available, and according to the US Bureau of Labor, job opportunities are likely to continue at this level or above for the next ten years.

Most crime scene technicians take appropriate certification in such areas as fingerprinting, evidence collection, measurement and analysis, and forensic science, giving them the necessary training and expertise to build their career in crime scene technician jobs.

Take a look at the opportunities available, and the certifications you will need, and you can start to plan your career as a crime scene technician.

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