May 31, 2023

What is Criminal Justice Administration?

The nature and control of crime are important social phenomena that affect all of our lives. The proper training can prepare you for a criminal justice administration job.

criminal justice administration jobStudents who choose this major study the development, functions and structure of the criminal justice system.They examine the role of law enforcement agencies, courts, correctional agencies, and private agencies that aid in the prevention and control of crime and delinquency.

The in-depth study of pertinent justice issues is designed to foster the capacity for balanced and critical evaluation of criminal justice problems.

What kind of jobs are available in criminal justice administration?

The number of criminal justice jobs should continue to grow in the next few years. You can use your criminal justice administration training to work as a …

  • City or State Police Officer
  • Highway Patrol Officer
  • Sheriff, Deputy, Detectives
  • Plainclothes Detective
  • Correction Officer
  • Prison Guard
  • State Police Officers
  • FBI Agent
  • Secret Service
  • Investigators
  • Diplomatic Security Special Agents

Skill level and education required?

To qualify for a criminal justice administration job, you need to prepare. Majoring in this field will appeal to criminal justice administration jobundergraduates who are interested in preparing for a career in criminal justice, law, or a related field; students who currently have criminal justice jobs; and individuals who are generally interested in studying how public policies about crime and its control are created and implemented.

The purpose of the criminal justice administration program is to provide current and future decision-makers in criminal justice with the foundation for critical, balanced, responsible and effective administrative responses.

Lower-division course work for the major consists of classes focusing on sociology, psychology, and American and California government and politics.

Upper-division course work consists of classes revolving around social control, social policy and administration of justice, applied planning, and research and program evaluation.

Criminal justice administration electives are offered in the areas of correctional administration, court administration, deviance and social control, juvenile justice administration, law, and law enforcement.

criminal justice administration job

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