March 24, 2023

I Got a Bad LSAT Score – Now What?

The LSAT is unlike any other test in the world. In most tests, you are asked to display your knowledge of everything you have recently learned.

The LSAT is the opposite.

To score well you should actually forget most things learned as well as the habitsI got a bad LSAT score you picked up in your undergraduate years.

The reason for this is because the LSAT is designed to evaluate your pattern of thinking. Instead of trying to find out if the test taker learned certain material, the test measures how well you can think through intellectual puzzles and sophisticated arguments. It’s a whole new ballgame.

Which is why, many of us will score badly on the LSAT. If the day comes that you must say “I got a bad LSAT score”, what can you do?

Cancel It

If you take the exam, walk out of the test room and just know that you bombed the thing, then you can contact Law School Admission Services, the administrators of the LSAT, and have them cancel the score. You have five days to do this.

If you wait beyond those five days, your situation becomes a little trickier. Sadly, the LSAT is just too important to the law school admission process. You will have to take the exam again.

Prep Course

But before taking it again, take a prep course. Programs like Kaplan or the Princeton Review offer great boot camps in all standardized tests that can greatly increase your score. At this stage of the game, it is certainly worth the investment before taking the test again.

Also, unlike other standardized tests, many law schools average your LSAT scores in the event you take the test several times. That bad day in the exam room cannot be erased at those schools. Therefore, find out what schools average the scores and what schools take the highest. Maybe it would be worth focusing on the latter.

But bottom line, if you do badly on the LSAT, your dream to be a lawyer is hardly over… it just might take a little more finessing.