March 24, 2023

Law School Discussion: Lets Talk About Law School

Sounds like its time to have a law school discussion. A world of education is available online. A smart student realizes the benefits an online degree can offer. While it might seem that the first credential you need to become a lawyer is law school, your undergraduate degree can also be very important.

Get a quality undergraduate degree

law school discussionThe most obvious reason is that your undergraduate record and the caliber of the institution from which you earn it can determine where you go to law school. A less obvious advantage is the alumni network you gain from your college. Joining a law school discussion group might help as well.

Take the right classes

While most law schools don’t require any specific classes as a prerequisite to admission, some undergraduate courses can make the experience of law school and the practice of corporate law easier.

  • Substantive knowledge. Some lawyers recommend that you take classes dealing with subjects that might come up in your life as a lawyer. Classes on business, accounting and economics can expose you to financial and business concepts and help you figure out which area of transactional or corporate law interests you the most
  • Broader intellectual development. Because law schools don’t require any particular courses, prospective law school candidates can choose classes they’re interested in. Since most lawyers will have little time for intellectual or artistic pursuits once they start practicing, college can be a great time to learn about anthropology or history or to take a class in drawing or sculpture.
  • Reading and writing critically. The third approach is to develop your capacity for reading and writing analytically. These are skills that will be indispensable to the analysis and distillation of case law each law student has to do on a daily basis.

There is no one right answer to the question of what law school discussionclasses an aspiring lawyer should take as an undergraduate. Certainly, many successful lawyers enter law school with little to no prior study of business, finance or law.

If you do think you want to pursue law, however, it might be a good idea to figure out what area interests you the most.

Don’t be discouraged if you fail to get in right away. Most law schools have waitlists. An admissions counselor at your chosen school will have a law school waitlist discussion with you.