May 31, 2023

Legal Nurse Consulting

Search this directory for legal nurse consulting schools and colleges, and find the best legal nurse consulting school for you. Click here for listings of legal nurse consulting schools and be sure to request information from as many schools as necessary to make the right decision for you.

If you are a registered nurse (RN) interested in expanding your employment options, Legal Nurse Consulting (LNC) may be right for you. LNC training legal nurse consultantwill stimulate career growth and enhance your professional development.

A legal nurse consultant uses their expertise in nursing and healthcare to resolve legal situations. For example, a common role is reviewing medical records for an attorney legal nurse consultantto help them decide whether professional negligence occurred in a given case.

The LNC might help attorneys prepare for a court case, perhaps by familiarizing them with medical or nursing terminology. Finally, the legal nurse consultant can testify as an expert witness at a trial.

The basic requirement for being a legal nurse consultant is that you have practical nursing experience. It also helps to have some experience in the legal system, but it is not required. Certification as a legal nurse consultant as well as a graduate degree will certainly help in establishing credibility.

Some LNCs practice as independent consultants, while others are employed by insurance companies, law firms, and businesses in a wide variety of roles.

Schools Offering Legal Nurse Consulting Programs

legal assistant training - Herzing UniversityHerzing University

Herzing University – New Orleans, LA

  • Nurse Paralegal Diploma

legal assistant job

legal nurse consultingKaplan University Online

  • Legal Nurse Consulting

legal nurse consulting