March 24, 2023

What is an LSAT seminar?

Human beings, social animals that we are, don’t much like being put into a room with a uniquely difficult challenge and left alonlsat seminare to do the best we can. And the dreaded LSAT is probably the worst example of an exam that leaves you alone with your brain.

No great body of knowledge, no months of memorization will help you. The test very specifically measures your ability to unravel arguments and puzzles, regardless of the subject.

And that is why so many of us try to do anything possible to make the LSAT more like conventional learning practice. An LSAT seminar tries to provide that.

A typical LSAT seminar prepares you for the exam mentally, intellectually and emotionally.

First Hand Experience

Taught by someone who, you assume, scored very well on the LSAT, the course gives you the opportunity first of all to hear first hand experience of taking the exam. That is comfort in itself.

You also get to take mock exams based on past tests. Therefore, when you take the real deal, you actually won’t be taking the test for the first time. You will have gone through the process before, minute for minute.

Find your Strengths

A teacher will also help you find your strengths. The LSAT isn’t designed to be completed. Most takers don’t finish it. A teacher will help you find out your testlsat seminar taking strategy and what section to focus on the hardest.

But of course, you can find all this help yourself. The web is filled with past examples of exams and online free tutorials and tips to getting higher scores. But again, an LSAT course can be extremely helpful to those of us more used to conventional classroom experience.

An LSAT seminar does everything it can to put a test that wants to defy classroom intelligence, back into the classroom.