March 24, 2023

LSAT Survival Tips

  • lsat survival tipsYou don’t have to answer every score correctly. Even if you only get 2 orthree questions wrong (or blank) you get a perfect score.
  • Scores are based on correct answers only so even if you skip a question, pick a letter! The little chance that you’ll pick correctly is worth the guess.
  • If you are completely stumped by a question, don’t obsess over it. Move on (and just guess a letter). Very few test takers spend their full energy on each question. Know your strengths and cruise on right to those.
  • Learn logic. Logic is a subject no longer commonly taught in colleges, but the LSAT pretends not to know that! Read and practice with an elementary logic textbook. Learn to recognize common logical fallacies. If you can, take a course in logic.
  • Figure out how to focus your intellectual energy. Read constantly so that your focus is primed for reading comprehension. The LSAT will challenge you with subtle and complex arguments and reading passages. Prepare yourself for that.
  • Remember, your knowledge and experience doesn’t matter. Stay with the arguments and text as they are presented on the page. This is very important and the LSAT’s biggest “trap”. It’s all and only about the information given.
  • This goes for reading comprehension section as well. Reading comprehension requires “only” the ability to read actively and pull out the essential points. Use the information provided on the page specifically — not in your own experience to answer questions.
  • To prepare for the logical reasoning section, study up on the basic rules of logical reasoning and common logical mistakes. The LSAT tends to stick pretty closely to old tried and true logic traps.
  • In the analytical reasoning section, read carefully and carefully mark the relationships in thelsat survival tips “game” or question. Many draw diagrams.