May 31, 2023

Nurse Paralegal: Best of Both Worlds

As there is an increase in the number of cases bought against health practitioners and health practices, so there is a corresponding need to increase the number of legal professionals with medical experience and knowledge.

nurse paralegalIf you are interested in both these career areas, and particularly if you already have medical or nursing training, then you could become a nurse paralegal, also known as a legal nurse consultant.

You will start off by training as a nurse – preferably a registered nurse. You will probably gain your bachelor’s degree, and spend some time practicing nursing in some area.

You would then find a legal practice that is looking for medical expertise, and begin to work as a paralegal; or alternatively you would go back to college and gain a certificate or an associate’s degree in paralegal studies. This mixture of paralegal and nursing is an excellent background to help to understand the issues that have to be analyzed in medical cases.

Many law firms are now specializing in medical litigation, and as a nurse paralegal you could create an extremely successful career. You will be able to bring your own mixture of expertise and experience to each case, allowing the lawyer insight that he would not be able to have direct access to in any other way.

nurse paralegalA nurse paralegal has a powerful combination of specialist knowledge, and one that is particularly valued on the job market at the present time – and likely to continue to be valued. Take a look at the courses that are being advertised, and make the most of your combination of skills as nurse paralegal.

Schools Offering Legal Nurse Consulting Programs