March 24, 2023

Online Schools For Law

Degrees from online schools for law can offer you opportunities to pursue your educational objectives when attending school in a traditional classroom is not practical.

online schools for lawOnline law schools can prepare you for much more than a career as an attorney.

Online schools for law offer training that can prepare you for a career as corporate in-house counsel, risk manager, legislative analyst or police work.

The big question in everyone’s mind is, “If I earn a law degree online will it be seen by potential employers as a lesser degree?” The jury still seems to be out on this. On the plus side, the IT fields appear to place more value on online degrees because of the nature of the work itself.

Recent studies found that many employers believed that online degrees were as credible as traditionally earned degrees. This perhaps follows the idea that people who earn law degrees online are doing it online because it’s their only or best option due to current job demands. These people may be seen as more driven and self-motivated.

Selling your online law degree

Here are a few recommendations that might help online degree holders land a job even if the interviewer is hesitant about the value of the degree:

  • Tell employers and potential employers that your degree was earned online. Fifty-seven percent of respondents said this should be a requirement
  • Bring along transcripts and course study examples, as well as letters of recommendation or authenticity about the program and its accreditation
  • Have industry experience to back the degree
    Traditional courses like public speaking, debate, public forum and group dynamics might be helpful to show that you have people skills.

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