May 31, 2023

Paralegal Careers & Training

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While lawyers assume ultimate responsibility for legal work,they often delegate many of their tasks to paralegals.paralegals In fact, paralegals — also called legal assistants — continue to assume a growing range of tasks in the Nation’s legal offices and perform many of the same tasks as lawyers.

Nevertheless, they are still explicitly prohibited from carrying out duties which are considered to be the practice of law, such as setting legal fees, giving legal advice, and presenting cases in court.

One of a paralegal’s most important tasks is helping lawyers prepare for closings, hearings, trials, and corporate meetings. Paralegals investigate the facts of cases and ensure that all relevant information is considered. They also:

  • Identify appropriate laws, judicial decisions, legal articles, and other materials that are relevant to assigned cases.
  • After they analyze and organize the information, paralegals may prepare written reports that attorneys use in determining how cases should be handled.
  • Should attorneys decide to file lawsuits on behalf of clients, paralegals may help prepare the legal arguments, draft pleadings and motions to be filed with the court, obtain affidavits, and assist attorneys during trials.
  • Paralegals also organize and track files of all important case documents and make them available and easily accessible to attorneys.

In addition to this preparatory work, paralegals also perform a number of other vital functions. For example, they help paralegal schoolsdraft contracts, mortgages, separation agreements, and trust instruments.

They also may assist in preparing tax returns and planning estates. Some paralegals coordinate the activities of other law office employees and maintain financial office records. Various additional tasks may differ, depending on the employer.

Paralegals are found in all types of organizations, but most are employed by law firms, corporate legal departments, and various government offices. In these organizations, they can work in many different areas of the law, including litigation, personal injury, corporate law, criminal law, employee benefits, intellectual property, labor law, bankruptcy, immigration, family law, and real estate.

As the law has become more complex, paralegals have responded by becoming more specialized. Within specialties, functions often are broken down further so that paralegals may deal with a specific area. For example, paralegals specializing in labor law may deal exclusively with employee benefits.

The duties of paralegals also differ widely based on the type of organization in which they are employed. Paralegals who work for corporations often assist attorneys with employee contracts, shareholder agreements, stock-option plans, and employee benefit plans.

They also may help prepare and file annual financial reports, maintain corporate minute books and record resolutions, and prepare forms to secure loans for the corporation. Paralegals often monitor and review government regulations to ensure that the corporation is aware of new requirements and it operates within the law.

The duties of paralegals who work in the public sector usually vary within each agency. In general, they..

  • analyze legal material for internal use,
  • maintain reference files,
  • conduct research for attorneys, and
  • collect and analyze evidence for agency hearings.

They may then prepare informative or explanatory material on laws, agency regulations, and agency policy for general use by the agency and the public. Paralegals employed in paralegalscommunity legal-service projects help the poor, the aged, and others in need of legal assistance. They file forms, conduct research, prepare documents, and when authorized by law, may represent clients at administrative hearings.

Paralegals in small and medium-sized law firms usually perform a variety of duties that require a general knowledge of the law. For example, they may research judicial decisions on improper police arrests or help prepare a mortgage contract. Paralegals employed by large law firms, government agencies, and corporations, however, are more likely to specialize in one aspect of the law.

Computer use and technical knowledge has become essential to paralegal work. Computer software packages and the Internet are increasingly used to search legal literature stored in computer databases and on CD-ROM. In litigation involving many supporting documents, paralegals may use computer databases to retrieve, organize, and index various materials. Imaging software allows paralegals to scan documents directly into a database, while billing programs help them to track hours billed to clients. Computer software packages also may be used to perform tax computations and explore the consequences of possible tax strategies for clients.

There are several ways to become a paralegal. The most common is through a community college paralegal program that leads to an associate’s degree. Paralegal training programs are offered by the following schools.

Featured Paralegal Schools

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Anthem Institute

  • Paralegal Diploma
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legal assistantsHerzing University

  • Associate of Science in Legal Assisting/Paralegal (ASLAP)

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Herzing University – New Orleans, LA
Herzing University – Orlando, FL
Herzing College – Ottawa, Ontario
Herzing College – Toronto, Ontario

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legal nurse consulting

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Paralegal Training offered in Wilsonville, Oregon

  • Legal Assistant / Paralegal – Associate Degree


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